Thursday, February 14, 2008

Burrrrrrr. Row Robin Blocks

These are my butterfly blocks for Jennies' Row Robin. I have a 6" block in my valance in my sewing room with a butterfly I did for a Aunt Gracie's swap years ago. I no longer have the book. So I took some paper and cut a butterfly that sort of looks like the smaller one. I button hole stitched around them in pink. It's Jennies' favorite color. Now they are off to the next person in the R.R. swap.
This is Jennies' Row Robin blocks I just love the emb. blocks.
I went out to get my camera out of the pickup where it fell out of my bag. Wouldn't you know, I locked myself out . Don locks the place up like FT. Knox I unlocked the dead bolt but not the door knob well here I am out in the cold in my PJ's, cold with the wind blowing, beating on the door. You know Don can not hear, so I was getting a little cold by the time he let me in.
I mean to tell you it's Coldddddddddd, out there this morning!

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Terry van der Est said...

Those row robin blocks are adorable. My great aunt use to do embroidery like that, old fashioned designs. She lived in Nebraska too, in Lincoln. - Terry from the likemindedartists group.