Saturday, May 10, 2008

Done At Last! In Time!

I finished DGD Kristin's graduation quilt last night about 9:30. She loves lime green (I wounder where she got that from) She is more like her Grandma than she thinks.

She wanted teal and lime green for her party. With luck I had 3 yds. of this butterfly print and some marbled or shaded blue and green fabric. Then I went to Linda's a quilt friend that dose hand dyed fabrics and got what she had in the colors I needed. It's nice to have Friends that are talented.

I put a pocket on it to put her announcement and invitations and what ever in for safe keeping.

It's raining with a chance for snow tonight. Wow would think we would have this kind of weather on 10th. I hope it gets better for the party this afternoon and night.

Now maybe I can work on some other things I need to get done soon.

1 comment:

LindaL said...

Very nice!! Bet she will love it forever.

Did you say snow??? Bite your tongue right now!!!

We're going to my nephew's graduation party when I get off work. I just hope the roads aren't to muddy. They live about 5 miles off the paved road.