Friday, November 28, 2008

Just about done with the scavenger hunt!

I have been busy with the scavenger hunt.
1. 2 favorite recipes.
Zucchini Bread & Caramel Apple Jam. I printed out the recipes and put them on green card stock.( love my Hallmark card program)
2. A home made ornament.
1 of my little quilted holly pillows as most people call them
3. Something red.
My little red candy pin cushion.( made form a candle holder)
4. Something "mint-ey"
I made a packet of peppermint tea and added a label and candy cane.
5. A cookie cutter.
Still have to do!
6. My favorite cookie recipe
Chocolate No Bake Cookies.
7. Something to drink on a cold day.
Still need to do!
8. A star
A hot pad to use when making cookies. With a small folded star ornament.
9. Something striped
Covered book.
10. Something shiny
A candle mat.
I made it out of shiny material and added a candle to shine in the night.
I hope to get the last 2 things done after work today.

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