Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey and a little sewing time.

Good evening! Thinks Giving was nice but had to be at 2 places. Sara's Dinner was very good. She and Jennie did a wonderful job. I had 2 helpings of dressing and gravy. I never did get to desert at Don's Son's or Jennie's.
I even got a nap in this afternoon. My squash casserole experiment come out very good. Some times I surprise my self! It was all most like pumpkin pie with a crunchy top with almonds.

This evening I got in a little sewing time so I did this book cover for a winter scavenger hunt trade I am in in one of my groups. We had to make everything this year. In all there are 10 things on the list. This is the something striped. I thought it would be fun to make stripes of fabric. I used a composition book so they can change it out if this one gets full.
I will post some other things when I get them all together.

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