Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still in the Holiday mode!

I just love Christmas colors and gifts. I love to make things for the holiday! My DD Jennie was sent a letter from Kristin's dorm Mom ( I am not sure of her title) That she would like the parents to send a $5.00 wrapped gift for their student and one for a girl that may not get one from her family for some reason. Jennie has been very busy with working at the quilt shop, bar, and helping to pick corn she has not had time for much. So I fixed up 3 bags (one for D Mom also) .

The cups have a mug rug I made, a Angel ornament I found on sale( I just love a good sale!) very good chocolates MMMMMMMM 2 kinds of hot chocolate mixes and a hot cider mix. On the angel ornament it has the saying Keep the faith . I used a bottle bag to put them in and it worked very well.

I am just working on Christmas gift and hope to finish all in time. Where are all the elves when you need them?

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