Monday, January 5, 2009

Here's another 6 Yours mine

Here's six more of the blocks finished I am 1/2 way there with my block I have done. 12 more to go! I do have my block posted on the blog. You will have to go back aways to find it. I made it to see how the block would go together when we started this trade.I will not have as much time to sew tomorrow . I have a quilt meeting the 1st Tue. of the month in O'Neil at 7:00 PM. I like to go so I can get to the quilt shop before they close at 5:30. Then I have a $1.00 DCB at Mc Donald's. Big spender that I am!!
Huskerbabie no there is not a JC Penny's. Just a catalog order and pick up desk .
I don't think I would get in another trade with 25 blocks. 12 aren't bad but 25 go on for ever.


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

These are just as pretty as the first batch. Mickey D's has DCBs for a $1? Really? I haven't been there in ages, can you tell?

Vivian said...

great variations of the block ... they can look so different, depending on use of darks & lights!