Monday, January 5, 2009

Yours - Mine

Here are the first 5 blocks of my trade at the Quilters Candy Store in O'Neil , Nebraska. There are 25 ladies in the trade.Your use their fabric and your block pattern and make one for everyone in the trade. Only 20 more to go!
It is interesting how they all turn out. I will be glad to get these done. We traded a year ago and will be giving them back in Feb. I have found I don't like trades that take that long . I like them to be shorter in time and get them done.


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

25--I'm glad I didn't join that group, I'm getting to be too much attention deficit to get that many done :-) They're all such pretty blocks, and all so different. Amazing what a choice of fabric can do.

I like the picture on your blog header. It's so you.

Huskerbabe said...

I've been thinking about making a black and white quilt for my bedroom, so I love that block in the upper right hand corner.

I haven't been to O'Neill in ages, maybe since high school. We used to go school shopping at the JCPenney's there. Think that's gone now isn't it?

I do enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.