Tuesday, January 27, 2009


In my yahoo group Abstract artist. We have a word each month to use to make a 8" quiltlet. This months word was warmth. This was a experiment using a fabric sheet I made and printed a picture on it. I wanted to make it look warm, hazy and shimmering with heat. With all the cold weather it would be a welcome change! I sprayed it with water and used the iron on it to get the ink to bleed. It did but not the way I expected it to . You learn a lot from trying new things. So it's never a lose.
After I thought I was done I decided to add the stitching in the black border. I think it helped.
It's not what I saw in my mind but I learned a lot.

This is one I did a while back and this is what I really think of when you say warmth. Warm happy memories of my Grandma and her kitchen . Her warm Wood stove I got dressed behind and her love!
That's WARMTH!

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