Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yes I am working on Valentines Day!

I embroidered these yesterday morning. I only need one for a $3.00 trade in my Sew Good Friends yahoo group. I love these little trades. They are fast and fun. This one is going to be for Valentines Day. We have to make 2 things and put candy in the package. And most of all not spend over $3.00 on it. I don't know witch one I am sending for the trade yet. When I get the other thing made I will decide.
When I use my 5x7 hoop I can fit more than one in a hooping so I make extras for little giftys.
Then come in very handy!
I haven't been very productive this week . A dear friend of mine is very ill and I think she is about to leave use. She is 84. Things just aren't working anymore. I am going to miss her and I am praying for a easy transition for her.

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