Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Graduation and My Sewing and Trading

Hi! I have been working on the embroidery for my DGD's Graduation quilt. I have all the wording done now to figure out how I want to set it all together. I don't have much time left she is graduating the 10th of May.
The wind is blowing as it all ways dose here. If only we could have a nice warm day with out the wind. I took a play day and worked on a trade for one of my on line groups.
It's called Put It In Your Purse Swap
We had to have 5 things for this .
1. gum or candy that won't melt.- Chiclets because I love them as a kid.
2. An item for organizing.- A check book cover or planer cover and a pen so you never have to look for ya pen to wright a check or marking things in your planer.
3. An Item good for comfort.- And Kleenex for comfort and the little needs we all have.
4. A pen.- 2
5. A notepad.- I covered the notepad so they could tack notes in style and a pen so they didn't have to take the one from the check book. I put a elastic band on the notepad to keep it closed and neat in a purse.
Well I got them all done and ready to mail in the morning.

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