Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sat. Night Project: The Last of The Frog Skin!

My DGD Sara came to stay Friday Night. She said she came to stay with the puppy. So he could get used to it here and not be so lonely for his family. Sara hasn't been feeling good so we haven't done much together. She took a long nap today. She said she was feeling better this evening.
This is the back of my bookmarks.
As you can see I have used the scraps from the frog skin to make post cards, hot pad, and now bookmarks. Not to say any thing about my handsome Froggie! This was the last if the strip pieced quilted fabric from making my frog. I have a swap in TT's yahoo group for book marks for Spring. I think the greens look like the first greens of spring. The Willow trees all ways shows a yellow green first then the other greens start showing up.

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