Wednesday, April 16, 2008

House Work!

I hate house work. Not because it's work because it takes my time. It never stays done. So you never enjoy the results for long. Not like quilting and making things. You make something and you have it to enjoy. You do the dish's and someone is making more dirty dish's before you can survey your well done work. Laundry you fold, hang and put away but it keeps piling up to do over again. Quilt ,wall hanging and the like you can stake up and they stay until you want to show them off. they don't have to be washed over again.

So do you know what I did today? Then some one comes home and ask what did you do all day?
House work is not a gratifying job. Besides it interferes with my quilting and other interest.

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kiwicarole said...

Hi Flicsha! I totally agree with you about housework!! You couldn't be more right! I constantly find it a drag, you spend half/whole day cleaning, and before you know it it looks like you haven't lifted a finger! And dearest husbands don't even notice - I spend ages cleaning and he mows the lawns and all the clippings blow in thru the window! Duh! You'd think he'd at least tell me, or close a few windows before he's mowing!
Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for dropping by my blog, I was interested to hear your comments about the quilt, you know I hadn't even noticed those squares and now they really stick out!! I think we may need to have a consultation!
I enjoyed your blog and lovely work, :) Carole