Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No Fooling Just Fun!

I went to my quilt meeting tonight in O'Neil. I showed them how to do the Disappearing 9 patch. We all had fun , laughed a lot. In general had a good time. All were so different from the next.
I found some ugly fabric for a challenge I think I am going to do in one of my on line groups. I really found 2 can't decide which is the ugliest! Maybe I will take a photo of both fabrics and see what everyone thinks? I got a spot cleaned out for my cutting table and its the only place clean in the room ! I have everything piled all over. It will be nice when I am cutting as it high enough for me to cut with out bending over. I have been cutting on the kitchen table and sitting when cutting . (not the best way to cut accurately). Now just to sort out every thing and find new spots for it! I know Don will be happy to have the kitchen table free, so he can pile more of his stuff on it.

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