Sunday, April 6, 2008

Here's Joey

I want you to meet Joey. He is a scrap dog. If I have any thing down where he can get it he's off with it. He pulls things out of the trash, boxes you name it he has it all over the floor. He loves my sewing room and all the things to play with. He's just a puppy!
He misses all his family. He had so many at home before. Now it's just me. So he will do anything for my attention. I think he is worse than any cat I have had.


LindaL said...

He's so cute! My daughter's Bichon was my shadow this weekend when I babysat the grandkids. He really missed her & was so happy to see her when they got home. He was so funny, when he saw me putting things in my bag he wouldn't come sit be me any more because he knew I was deserting him too!! He behaves much better than the kids too.


Elly D said...

He's adorable! Elly