Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kristin's Prom

DS Kelsey And GF and some of the grand kids are coming for dinner today. Yep we are having fried chicken again. That's what they all ways ask for.

It was DGD Kristin's prom last night. All the girls and boys looked so nice. I loved the color of Kristin's dress. It is a very soft green . It dose not show the color so well in this photo. It was dark in the school gym. Sara and I fixed flowers for her wrist corsage.
Yes that's me with Sara. My eyes look crossed (but they really aren't)

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Char said...

Hi there..lovely grdaughter you have. Mine is 16 and I wonder if she will go to a prom this year? I love your pretty blog and projects. Especially the bird!! I love free motion and will have to try the zig zag in circles...that is such a neat effect!!!!!