Sunday, April 20, 2008

Row Robin and WIND!

The wind is blowing so hard today you can hardly stand up . The temp. is better but it still feels cold with all the wind.

I am doing a row robin in one of my on line groups. My row is the one on the bottom. Now that I see it I think I would have done some of the blocks different. I do think the pink and black makes a striking quilt.
I am not a pink kind of person and have a hard time coming up with pink to put in a quilt. It all most all ways calls for a trip to the quilt shop. As if I need a excuse to go to a quilt shop.

1 comment:

morningDove said...

I'm not a pink person either but I have been playing with pink. I like the row of pink you did. A row by row quilt, interesting.