Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hot Pads, Pot Holders? What ever you call them.

I am in a pot holder swap with 4 others in my TT yahoo group. We trade different things such as the pot holders, book marks, pincushions, or what ever we come up with. The theme was Spring pot holders or hot pads which ever you prefer. I had some frog skin left so I made one out of it for a gift.

I think that's when I like pastels the most is in the Spring. The rest of the time I tend to go for bright and bold colors and fabric. Now I wish it would warm up a little. The wind is so bad today you don't want to be out in it.
Jennie left one of her puppy's to life with me his name is Joey. Now if he would just learn to go out side I would be real happy with him.
I will post a photo of him later.

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Sarah said...

i love your potholders. i am a huge potholder sewer/maker whatever you call us. i would be happy to swap withyou if are interested.give me a chat back if interested.