Monday, December 29, 2008

2 rounds on the round robin.

I finished my 2 rounds on a round robin I am doing with 2 other quilters. This is people I meet in a group that I was in. We decided to do a RR with the 3 of us. We have a 2 month rotation. my work on this one was the corner flowers and the last row that's blue and gold. I will be putting it in the mail in the next day or so. One more of my have to do things done and before the New Year!! It's about 37" with my 2 rounds on it.
Now I have to cut some fabric for Happy Blocks in my Heart Strings group for kids. I will do that tomorrow while I am taking care of a lady. She naps a lot. I all ways take quiet work with me when I go take care of her.

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Tropical Screamer said...

I love the flower corners. How beautiful.