Monday, December 1, 2008

Some thing for me!

Good Monday! I got 3 bindings done Sunday while I was at Edna's .
She napped all afternoon and evening. I also turned and closed 10 more mug rugs. Everyone in the world will have one this Christmas!!!
I love the lime greens and pastels they have out this year for Christmas.

I had a very nice surprise the other day. I found a Christmas quilt top that I put together from blocks traded with my Orchard quilt group over 6 years ago. I thought I had lost it in the fire. I was in a box of thing that I had stored at Jennie's quilt shop building when I went to Arizona for a time.
My block is in the upper right hand corner. I am going to take it to our Jan. meeting and get them to sign the back for me and put the name of their block on it. I am so glad to have this quilt as I lost the other one we all made in the fire.
I just love the reds and greens of Christmas!

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