Sunday, December 7, 2008

Little bookmarks

While I was embroidering things yesterday I did these little bookmarks to put on Christmas cards. I could get all 8 in one hooping. I put a novelty print with fairies on it on the back. Still working on things. I have the hand sewing left on the bindings of the 9 potholders, chair caddy, and a small wall hanging. I do bindings when I want to sit with my feet up in the recliner and watch TV. I haven't watched much TV lately, or when I want to be quiet when I am taking care of someone.
Sara has been feeling bad so we haven't got the tree up. She discovered my Hallmark card program and made Christmas cards for all the family.
We are going to have to take Sara home soon . She has Christmas caroling at church tonight at 6:00. I wish she wouldn't go but she doesn't want to miss it. So I gave her a new pair of earmuffs to keep the wind out of her ears.

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