Monday, December 29, 2008

Getting ready for New Years Eve!

I am in Heart Strings quilt group on yahoo. They make quilts for a cause. We are going to bring in the N.Y. by making kids Happy blocks. Happy blocks are blocks that have a 4" center and then 2" borders. I'll post some when I get them sewn. There are so many kids in need of a quilt for one reason or another. I spent part of my afternoon and evening looking for kids prints and fabric to go with them. I was surprised at how many I came up with. I have 80 Centers and strips for all of them cut. Now to get the sub cut done so I can start sewing on them I only meant to do 12 or so but it was easier just to cut a stripe off of the fabric or a fat Q.
Yes you know how I am going to spend my N.Y. !

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Me,too. Got a bunch of 4 1/2" strips of prints cut yesterday. will get the coordinating 2 1/2" strips cut tomorrow. Also have a bunch of cat print that I intend to make a fill set of 48 out of using hand-dyes for the outer pieces. Once I got to looking I was surprised how many suitable novelty prints I had. Most are left-overs from the grandkids' alphabet quilts. Will think about you stitching away NY's, the same as me.