Saturday, December 27, 2008

Time to play!

Now that the making of Christmas gifts is over. I can go to other things. This is for a challenge in one of my yahoo groups.
The challenge was Beginnings and endings.
So as the old year is going and a new year is on the way I thought of this.
I took a sq. of navy blue felt and embroidered the old year and the new year. Then I rolled green and blue metallic paint on it with a roller.
I did the quilting with a variegated thread and finished the edge with blue metallic cord and the variegated thread.
I enjoy these little challenges they are 8" sq.
I haven't been in the mode to sew scents I finished with Christmas gifts. It seems I do that every year. I get a little burnt out.
So today I made my self do something. It's not the most memorable work I have ever done but a lest I did something!

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Yep, I got some sewing done yesterday too. Put together a top that I had all the blocks & inside border pieces finished for a couple months ago. I took a picture of it on my "design floor" so I'll get that up on my blog, maybe later today. It sure feels good to have all the Christmas stress over with.