Sunday, December 14, 2008

Friday and Saturdays work

The wind howled all night and now it's trying to snow. They say it's going to get very cold tonight. Well below -0. I hate cold weather!!!
I embroidered all morning Friday and and got all the hot pads ready to sew and finish. I only had the morning to work. When I got home I did the deer he took over a hour to stitch out . He's the only one I think I am doing. He just takes to long. My DS Kelsey will get him. I love my embroidery machine.
I made the leaves for a hostess gift for a Christmas party Monday night. They will match her kitchen. They will all find a home by Christmas.
I have been making chair caddies for people that can not get around well . They spend a lot of time in their chairs. The blue is for my X-Mother in law and the other is for Edna a lady I take care of part time.

Now to regroup and see what else I need on my list.

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