Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas was had by all!

This is Don's GD Steph and 2 of her 3 kids Malachi and Ameris. I gave the 2 jars of dilled green beans. They love the things. Half of the 2 jars were gone before they left for the night. A real fuzzy photo of my DSIL Kevin with DGK's Josh and Kristin in the back ground.
Roy in the back Don's #1 Son and Evelyn his wife and Rodney Don's #2 son with his back to you.
Don is in the front bent over. Steph is Roy and Evelyn's DD.

My DD Jennie.

My sweet Sara

My DGS Brad. With his water bottle carrier.

This is DGS Josh with his face covered, DGD Kristin, And My DS Kelsey.

We had Oyster Stew and Chili for supper and lots of goodies. Josh liked the chili so much he took the rest home with him. That's one left over I don't eat. I am not much of a chili eater!
We didn't have much left over so everything must have been good.
It's fun to have them all together but I am glad it's over for one more year.
I need a rest!!

I only lost 2 gifts. they have vanished one for Jennie and one for Helena Kelsey's girlfriend.
I have looked all over for them. They will show up for the 4th of July!!! Or they will be safe for ever. I am all ways putting things up so I won't lose them and then can never find them!!

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needlewings said...

Looks like you had an awesome Christmas!