Monday, December 1, 2008

More bookmarks and my $3.00 swap.

I have been trying all afternoon to get these done all I had to do was put the edge around them and the eyelets and tassels. I keep getting side tracked today. I did get a gift quilted and binding put on so I can do the finish hand binding.

The bookmarks are a extra when I make my Christmas ornament. I have room in the hope to one side and I don't want to wast fabric and stabilizer so I make the bookmarks for little gifties.
I think I will get one in the mail for DGD Kristin way at school. It's all ways nice to get a surprise.

I just love these little $3.00 Swaps!! This is what I received from Pat in on of mt groups. I love sewing fabric. and the little tea wallet and peppermint tea. It will be very handy in my bag.
I do like peppermint tea in the evening. It's very soothing. Pat if you see this Thank you for the nice swap.

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